Frequently Asked Questions

Proven case studies have shown that 1 Gallon container/bottle is suitable to spray and protect up to 2x cannabis plants from seedling to full harvest.

Hedge works best as a preventative when applied weekly. They key is to keep leaf surfaces coated while plants are growing and leaves are expanding. If you’re using as a knockdown for small insects or mildews, apply on days
1, 3 and 7 and then weekly.

Hedge can be sprayed through any type of sprayer. To avoid wasting material, and to get even coverage, set the sprayer for the finest mist possible. For large, tightly spaced or commercial growers, we recommend using an electrostatic sprayer. Electrostatic spraying provides the best coverage and adhesion.

Sadly, no. Using Hedge on top of neem oil or other protective barrier products will not harm your plants in any way, but the coating will prevent Hedge Natural Defense from coming in contact with the leaf surface, which is critical

No. Plant Protectant keeps aphids, whiteflies and other small nuisance insects off your plants without killing them. If growing indoors, we recommend setting up physical traps (sticky or otherwise) to capture the homeless bugs. They will gravitate to untreated plants, so make sure you’re treating them all!

No. Plant Protectant does not kill beneficial insects. View our case study to see how ladybugs and Hedge worked well together in a commercial greenhouse setting.

No. Weekly treatment of Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant does not affect the taste and allows for produce to qualify for the highest levels of organic certification.

No. Hedge Plant Protectant does not increase the plant’s sensitivity to light, and it can be sprayed under any type of lighting, or any time of day without fear of burning or phytotoxicity.

Yes! Studies have shown Hedge protected plants display an increased ability to process light energy, often resulting in plants looking “greener”, thicker and overall more “robust”!

Lab tests conducted on fruits, vegetables, foliage, extracts, oils, etc that have been treated weekly with Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant will not register any harmful chemicals, pesticides or contaminants. HOWEVER: Hedge products will not negate the effects of other (potentially harmful) products applied. Always used 3rd party verified organic products in conjunction with Hedge products to protect plant integrity. Use caution on any other chemicals (cleaning or otherwise) used around your plants, because they can show up in post-harvest testing too!

YES! Growers treat seeds prior to planting, and start spraying once per week until the day of harvest!

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